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US Search Review

US Search has one of the largest reverse phone lookup databases containing over 1 billion million private landline, cell phone and other unlisted phone numbers.

When you conduct a search with US Search, you will have the option to search by phone number, name, city or state, and a number of criminal background searches.

Below you will find a small sampling of information from their website that explains how their overall reverse cell phone lookup database works and how it benefits you:

With the massive database infrustructure that gathers data from multiple sources, US Search's (USS) brand of  reverse phone lookup data sources is the best and finest way to capture the address of prank callers.  Never again will you become a statistic with dangerous felons or scam artists trying to  fool you out of your money, safety or privacy by hiding behind a cell phone number. If you decide to purchase the 12 month one time payment membership, access to this data and cyber weaponry is at your finger tips. You can reverse the table on them and they will never know it! Other possible uses involve finding your high school or grade school friends, maybe your childhood sweatheart? Anything is possible while you have access to this data, and its basically only a mouse click away.
Your USS Data Might Include: The actual billing address used by their cell phone carrier, an email address registered with their public utilities services, regular phone carrier information and land line telephone numbers, even the date of birth of the person holding that account..

Here is a  sample reverse lookup data form that you can
acquire from the US Search:

Cell Phone Registry screenshot

The US Search is an exceptional service that has a great database and several other options for getting these reports suited for your own specific requirements or needs. In other words, they are customizable, a feature others don't offer.

Finally, like the other services we review, US Search also offers many informative and worthwhile EXTRA searches such as:

  • Criminal background checks 
  • Criminal searches ( similar to a "neighborhood watch lookup)
  • Local and federal court records that may also come in handy when researching a few business partner's background
  • Assault and arrest records
  • Register sex offender database lookup
  • Home ownership information
  • Motor vehicle records
  • Date Check - ( a multi-database background check) to get before you go on your first date with someone you just met. And all you need is there phone number.

We gave this service a solid 9.2/10 score.
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