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Intelius is an extraordinary reverse phone lookup service with over 1.3 billion phone number in their database ( ie. including landlines, private numbers, cell phone numbers and fax numbers). This website not only provides reverse cell phone lookup searches but also provides over 25 other searches at an additional cost. Some of the other searches ( that cost extra) are Neighborhood Check  (this checks the safety of your potential new neighborhood ie. crime statistics etc.), Date Check (this specialized search does a criminal background check on your friend, blind date or online date, using only their home address), Sex offender check (A specialized search that searches for the name and address of registered sex offenders living in your neighborhood), property records search, employee screening, people search (you provide a person's name and the database gives their telephone number and home address), court records, reverse email search and much more. 

The Intelius reverse phone database is very simple to use and provides the basic information you need in any reverse phone lookup.  Here is how simple it is: You just start your lookup by entering the number you want to search for. Once you do that, it comes up with a data result screen that provides with the name and address of the phone number owner, the age of the person along with the names and ages of relatives or family members living in the same household.  It does not matter if the phone number is listed, unlisted (private) or a cell phone number, the Intelius database is not only referenced with cell phone carrier databases, but it is also cross-referenced with utility (electric and heating) bills for maximum accuracy.

We think the Intelius service gives you the best service and value for the small $4.99 fee you pay. The fee is a bare-bones option as it only provides a basic reverse lookup, which includes the name, age and home address of the phone number owner being searched. But then again, that is what most people want when type in "reverse phone lookup" in Google, Yahoo or Bing. A basic search, without all the additional fancy searches and databases that most people don't want nor need.

In Summary, we think Intelius is a fantastic service.  Similar to the services we reviewed here, they provide additional free bonuses, such as background criminal searches and federal and local court records, Date Check and neighborhood sex offender searches. We gave this website a 9.8/10 rating. Don't waste time! Click here to SEARCH NOW button to try out the Intelius revere phone lookup service.

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